What to do if you believe a donkey is being neglected. We sometimes get asked what to do if you are concerned that a donkey may be being neglected or abused.  Can the DSC seize the animal?In Ontario, animal sanctuaries do not have the legal authority to seize animals in distress. The responsibility for enforcing […]

Work with Us

Join Our Dedicated Team at The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada If you are hard-working, highly skilled, and passionate about making a difference in the lives of equines, you will find yourself among like-minded individuals at The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada. We are a dedicated team of staff and volunteers who are passionate about donkey welfare. […]

“Why Donkeys?”

The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada Presents “Why Donkeys?”   Ever wondered about our donkey friends and how they fare in the Canadian climate? It’s a common question from our first-time supporters, and we totally get it! Donkeys, hailing from desert roots, face some unique challenges with the Canadian weather and vegetation. Unlike their horse buddies, […]

Donkey Breeds in North America

While there are over 30 breeds of donkeys recognized worldwide, most donkeys in North America are not bred to any specific standard; in other words, most donkeys we encounter are essentially ‘mixed breeds’. Instead, it is more common to classify donkeys by their size. The concept of ‘breeds’ is something humans have created over thousands […]

Autumn News from the Donkey Sanctuary

AUTUMN NEWS FROM THE DONKEY SANCTUARY—again From Sandra Pady – Founder It is that time of year: the leaves are turning colour and the donkeys’ coats are thickening. And it is time to enjoy Ken Babstock’s “Autumn News From The Donkey Sanctuary” once again. This lovely, affecting statement was first included in Methodist Hatchet, published by House […]

Fire that Devastates

Fire that Devastates (The following blog was originally written by Sandra Pady on July 31, 2017.  Sadly, on this day 6 years later, the fire situation in BC has not improved.  Fires continue to devastate BC.  Once again the neighbours are supportive and this year Anjou was evacuated to nearby Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge to […]

Rose’s Donkeys

Rose’s Donkeys In 2008, Rose Karn started to volunteer at The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada. From the outset, Rose related strongly to the animals and their world.  Over the years she has volunteered countless hours: grooming donkeys, cleaning stalls, helping at special events, and acting as a greeter on Open Days.  Whenever Rose shares her heartfelt […]