Demetri Donkey


Demetri is a dusty red roan standard donkey, born in 2000.

Demetri lived most of his life as a guard donkey for a herd of cows. When the farmer decided to downsize his herd of animals, he no longer had any use for Demetri. It was recommended by a caring individual that the donkey should be relinquished to the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada (DSC). Arrangements were made for staff at the DSC to pick up Demetri from his farm in Central Ontario in late December 2020.

Demetri had not received proper veterinary or farrier care over his lifetime and arrived with overgrown hooves and a lot of weight on his body, which is very common for donkeys that are used as guard animals, as they often have the same diet as the cows. That diet is way too rich for a donkey.


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