The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada


“Why Donkeys?”


Ever wondered about our donkey friends and how they fare in the Canadian climate? It’s a common question from our first-time supporters, and we totally get it! Donkeys, hailing from desert roots, face some unique challenges with the Canadian weather and vegetation. Unlike their horse buddies, they need extra TLC. Donkeys are often misunderstood. There are loads of myths out there that give them a bad rap. In this webinar, we’ll set the record straight, explore why places like the Sanctuary are so crucial, and celebrate how each of you is a big part of this donkey-loving community. Join us in unraveling the mysteries and giving these wonderful equines the appreciation they deserve!


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Sat Feb 10th 12 noon -12:45pm

Sat Feb 24th 2pm-2:45pm

Wed Feb 28th 6pm-6:45pm

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