“Why Donkeys?”

The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada Presents “Why Donkeys?”   Ever wondered about our donkey friends and how they fare in the Canadian climate? It’s a common question from our first-time supporters, and we totally get it! Donkeys, hailing from desert roots, face some unique challenges with the Canadian weather and vegetation. Unlike their horse buddies, […]

Donkey Breeds in North America

While there are over 30 breeds of donkeys recognized worldwide, most donkeys in North America are not bred to any specific standard; in other words, most donkeys we encounter are essentially ‘mixed breeds’. Instead, it is more common to classify donkeys by their size. The concept of ‘breeds’ is something humans have created over thousands […]

Other Helpful Resources

Looking for something else? We know where to find the answers! Below is a list of other organizations, links and websites that donkey owners and professionals, including veterinarians and farriers, might find useful. It includes additional materials on rescue & rehabilitation efforts, training resources and other service providers (including veterinarians and farriers) Please note, in […]

International Donkey Welfare

Did you know that over 99% of the worlds population of donkeys live outside of Canada? Whether in tourism or in impoverished countries that depend on them for every-day life, the welfare issues that North American donkeys experience ultimately represent a small, piece of the pie (Psst! This is part of what makes our work […]

Glossary of Terms

Do you know how to speak donkey yet? Take a moment to farm-iliarize yourself with these key words to help guide you in your journey of learning and loving all things donkey (and mule)! Ass: Short-handed reference to the scientific name used to refer to all subspecies of donkeys. See Taxonomy  Donkey: An English slang word that […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a quick question? We’ve got the answers! Check out the things that people want to know most… What are mules and hinnies? How can you distinguish between them? A mule is the offspring of a male donkey (jack) and a female horse (mare). Conversely, a ‘hinny’ is what we call the offspring of a […]